Everyone Likes Stories:

Allow me to tell you mine. I'm a twenty year old student going to a community college, because the perks of being debt-free make me happy. I grew up just outside the wonderful flat country lands of Amherst, Ohio. It's kind of in the middle of nowhere, but also fifteen minutes away from just about everything, which is nice. The main issue I have with Ohio is the winter, where my thumbs get too cold to properly work the thumb sticks of my Xbox controller. As a result, my K/D drops drastically from January through March. The things I have to deal with. Truely unbearable.

But I digress. Originally going for mechanical engineering, I switched over to graphic design upon discovering that I enjoy it a lot more. I'm content with my decision to say the least. Calculus is overrated anyways. Now I currently operate as a bit of a trinity; student, business owner, and freelancer, making the world a better place, one print, ad, logo, sketch, or picture at a time.

So, Why Me?

Portfolio speaks louder than words, so I recommend checking out my main page before continuing. Done? Okay, moving on to the customer-relations aspect; I've had business experience since the age of twelve, working in a family-run dog kennel, which I ran nearly singlehandedly by the time I turned twenty, and continue to run to this day. From the age of 15-17, I had a pawnshop on PbNation.com, a popular paintball forum. I bought, sold and traded mid-highend paintball gear, racking up over 100 transactions in the process, that ranged anywhere from several dollars to over a grand. I've been doing business with people for many years, and I know how to treat them well.

I believe you can tell a man's integrity by the fruits of his labor and the way he treats others, rather than the speech that comes from his mouth. Talk is cheap, so it needs to be backed with action. I take pride in my work; I hope that's evident by what you see on this site. I believe that a product contains an idea. The proper branding means the proper expression of that idea, the way the originator intended it to be. Plus, the results can be really, really cool.


I make stuff. I can make your stuff if you'd like. Whatever makes you smile.