Winston Churchill Cigar Advertisement

A tribute class project to cigars and Winston Churchill, because he's a boss.

Epiphany Project

My first graphic design class final had to involve an important epiphany we had in our lives. My epiphany is that people don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it.

Telescoping Icon

An icon created for a fictional desktop application.


The same assignment as another piece of work on this page, we were given a quote and told to use only text.

Bug Slayer

Nature be scary. Taken with a Nokia Lumia 822.

Still Life

Homework assignment for a drawing class. Who doesn't like wood tables and almonds, right?

CV Sketch

A logo sketch for a fictional comic book, done as part of a group project.


This is the last part of John F. Kennedy's Inaugural address, done as a personal challenge to see if I could manage that much text. 24" x 36" poster

Find Your Niche

My take on the "Be Yourself" phrases I see floating around.

Try New Things

24" x 36" Poster

Talkers Bumper Sticker

Because there are far too many people standing on the sidelines.

Reach New Heights

24" x 36" Poster.

Impossible 2

We were given a quote and were told to make it work using text and shapes. One of two solutions I have on this page.

Monster Beach Party Poster

A promotional poster for a purposely-cheesy, 80's-style horror film.

Talkers Poster

Done as a personal project. 24" x 36" Poster.

Mother's Day

The front of a mother's day card. I made for my own mother, because I'm classy like that.


Mock logo for the National Collegiate Paintball Association.

City Skape

Done for a project in a drawing class. The goal was to make it apparent to the viewer that an otherwise realistic drawing was, in fact, done on paper. My solution was to draw a tear. Made with charcoal.


I feel like this one is pretty self-explanatory. Taken with a Nokia Lumia 822.

Winston Churchill

The result of a class project where we had to reference an event that happened on a particular day.

Pass Go

How do you make recycling a little more interesting? Add childhood memories. 11" x 17" Poster.